How to start with your seadive:
Under most entry-level programs such as PADI, IDD, NAUI, SSI, BSAC, CMAS and  PDIC starting sea divers can complete a certification. Such a certificate allows a diver to rent equipment, request air fills,and dive without any higher supervision, provided they do so with a buddy.

Seadiver Tim

Scuba diving is the term used to describe the use of a self-contained breathing set to stay underwater for periods of time greater than the average individual can breath-hold. The diver swims underwater using fins attached to the feet. Some divers also move around with the assistance of a DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle), commonly referred to as a "scooter".

Where to go seadiving:

Coral reefs The coral reefs
Reefs comprise some of the densest and most diverse habitats in the world. The best-known types of reefs are tropical coral reefs which exist in most tropical waters; however, reefs can also exist in cold water. Reefs are built up by corals and other calcium-depositing animals, usually on top of a rocky outcrop on the ocean floor. Reefs can also grow on other surfaces, which has made it possible to create artificial reefs. Coral reefs also support a beautifull community of life.



deep seaThe deep sea and trenches
In general, the deep sea is considered to start at the aphotic zone, the point where sunlight loses its power of transference through the water. Many life forms that live at these depths have the ability to create their own light. Much life centers on seamounts that rise from the deeps, where fish and other sea life congregate to spawn and feed.
The deepest oceanic depressions are supposed to contain unknown species.

The open ocean
The open ocean is often not the place where marine animals spend the majority of their lives. Most species simply pass through the open ocean on their ways to other places. Larger species are the main ongoing inhabitants.


 The coastline
 A huge array of life lives within this zone. Shore habitats span from the upper intertidal zones to the area where land vegetation takes prominence. It can be under water daily to very infrequently. Many species here are scavengers, living off of sea life that is washed up on the shore. Also many land animals make much use of the shore and intertidal habitats.







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